How To Build a Habit of Dancing Every Day

Going by how popular dance shows on TV are, people love to watch other people dance. But did you know dancing every day could have some incredible benefits for your mental, physical, and emotional health? Here are some ways dancing every day will help you, according to science:

  • Dancing helps you age gracefully and boosts your memory. It can also reduce the chances of dementia as you grow older.
  • It improves flexibility and reduces stiffness. Dancing also eases joint pain and post-exercise soreness.
  • It reduces stress and helps you feel more relaxed.
  • Dancing has been shown to lift the spirits of people suffering from depression.
  • It is a great cardiovascular exercise and helps reduce the chances of heart disease and keeps your heart safe.
  • It increases your energy, improves your balance, and helps you lose weight.

Now that you know the multiple health benefits of dance, how can you go about building a habit of dancing every day? This post discusses some effective tips you can incorporate into your schedule right away to build a habit of dancing daily.

1. Dance in the car

When you are driving to work, to get groceries, or going around town with your family, play some uplifting music in the car and start dancing in your seat. This is an incredible way of lifting your spirits and making you smile. 

If you are traveling with your family, friends, or partner, dancing in the car can also help you in bonding and becoming even closer to the other person.

2. Dance while making dinner 

When you’re preparing meals for your family, ask everyone else to come and help you, while you play some old favorite songs in the background and sway your body as you cook.

If this feels too much of a task gathering everyone around every single day, you can make this a ritual on the weekends. Over time, it can become a family tradition every member will grow to love and cherish, even after they grow old and leave home. 

3. Dance while doing menial chores

Whether you are doing the dishes, folding the laundry, doing the dishes, or hanging out the clothes to dry, you can play some upbeat tracks and dance as your body eases into the practiced motions of the chores you perform daily anyway.

You can also play the music in your headphones and dance like no one is watching. This is a great way to make daily chores less tedious while also getting some workout done.

4. Have a spontaneous dance party

Whether you are having a regular family discussion or you invited some friends over, whether you live alone or with roommates, whether you are in your own place or somebody else’s, having a spontaneous dance party is an incredible way of getting in your daily exercise while also having a lot of fun.

Dancing has tremendous potential to make people bond over it, and when you incorporate it into social situations, it helps you break the ice and become closer friends with the people around you.

5. Get a habit tracker

Download a free habit tracker where you mark each day on the calendar when you successfully managed to dance during the day. Seeing an unbroken streak of adhering to your new habit can be an incredible motivator to keep pushing you ahead on this endeavor of dancing every day.

6. Get an accountability partner

Talk to someone about your goals of dancing every day. This can be a friend, a roommate, a partner, a sibling, or a parent. Roping someone in on your journey and having them hold you accountable can be a way to make sure you’re not alone on this journey.

You can also hire an accountability coach. These are trained professionals who will help you build a new habit. Having a compassionate, professionally-trained expert by your side can be a wonderful way to make sure you don’t fall off the wagon while trying to build this habit of dancing every day.

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