Is The “Tiny Habits” Approach Really Helpful For Habit Building?

Learn from the success stories of hundreds of people all over the world who have benefited immensely from this method. 

The first mention of “Tiny Habits” was by Dr. BJ Fogg, a behavior scientist credited for founding the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University.

He is the New York Times bestselling author of Tiny Habits. He is also the creator of the Fogg Behavior Model that has helped thousands of people design for behavior change.

Tiny habits are what the name suggests: take things in tiny measures and work on small goals as opposed to larger ones that so often fail. When you break down a new habit to its smallest element, you feel less resistance to do it, and it becomes easier to incorporate that into your routine.

This post discusses a hundred examples of tiny habits you can use to either build or break a new habit in your life.

But do tiny habits really work?

Check out what some of these bloggers all over the world have to say about the transformative power of tiny habits.

The testimonials on BJ Fogg’s website are pure gold. Have a look at what these users are saying:

“Tiny Habits is the only method for change that worked for me.” — Josef B.

“Tiny Habits is a roadmap to a better you.” — Rob G.

“This is the most helpful self-help book I’ve ever read. As a performance psychologist, I love this approach.” — Sarah H.

“It really feels like magic.” — Ruth G.

“Tiny Habits is the most positive, realistic plan to change habits I’ve ever seen.” — Lee J.

“Tiny Habits gives me hope. The best part is the immediate results in my life — within the first 48 hours!” — Jenna C.

Blogger Scott Trimble writes about his experiment with tiny habits. Here are the three tiny habits he tried to build:

  • After I pour a cup of coffee, I will fill my water bottle.
  • After I read the news, I will open my music lessons book.
  • After I walk the dog, I will do five push-ups.

After a week of experimenting with setting up the tiny habits, here’s what Trimble has to say:

“I was surprised by how tough it was to accurately think about the anchors in my daily routine. In my mind, I was thinking that I always read the news at home on my computer in the evening, but this week I found myself reading the news all over the place and at different times every day. Maybe it was just a hectic week. I’ll stick with the music book tiny habit next week to try to find out.”

“Tiny habits give you a sense of control. When you accomplish one thing, it may lead you to accomplish and celebrate the next. It gives you hope and leads you to continue down the path and eventually change your life.” — BJ Fogg, Tiny Habits

When asked to work with tiny habits for a long period of time, here’s what users of the habit-building and tracking app, Coach.Me had to say:

“I really like the tiny habits philosophy. This is the technique I use most. It helps me to see change and feel a sense of accomplishment. I would recommend Michelle and this process of self-discovery to anyone who is seeking to improve. ”— Anonymous

“I got hooked on a writing habit. My coach did a great job leading me through a tiny habit of gratitude journaling at night. Then I built on that to add my real goal which was regular journaling every morning.” — Daren

“I was coached in Tiny habits. I got up to 17 new tiny habits of which I’m still doing the majority. It has changed my morning routine and kept me looking for more anchors during the day to add on some additional tiny habits. I guess also thanks to Tiny Habits I started running again (Yes, my body is my temple), will start playing basketball again (on a soft level, hey I’m no longer that crazy youngster), and seeing other positive changes. Pushups I can easily do 20 now (and more), when I stop for a red light I start thinking about what makes me happy, I’m writing a lot more, and so on and so on.” — Bart

“Tint habits have been very helpful and motivating, his insight on using anchors for habit change was particularly helpful. ” — Anonymous

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