How Long Should You Work With A Life Coach?

A life coach can help you resolve issues concerning health, relationships, careers, and more. If you’re feeling less motivated or stuck, a coach will help you take back the control wheels. They can help you develop a suitable life plan.

It can be difficult to change certain things about yourself and adopt new habits. A life coach would serve as your guide, support, and accountability partner. They can help you create the beautiful life that you’ve been dreaming of.

Why Do You Need Life Coaching?

Before you decide to hire a coach, you need to understand why you need life coaching. The kind of goals you’re looking to achieve will determine the number of coaching sessions you’ll have to take. Here are three main types of goals you may wish to achieve.

  1. Short-term Goals

These are goals that you plan to achieve as soon as possible. You might have given yourself a few weeks to make some changes. Most times, you’re already clear about the exact thing the coach would help you with. You just need their advice and guidance in order to push through.

If you have a short-term goal, your life coach might schedule about 8 to 12 coaching sessions. In the end, you must have won your battles and gotten the desired results. However, you need to be prepared to put in the necessary hard work.

  1. Longterm Goals

These are goals that require a longer period of time. People who have career, business, or marital issues fall into this category. Life coaches often work with clients who have long-term goals. They will provide support and teach you everything you need to know. 

For these types of goals, your life coach will likely recommend 12 to 20 coaching sessions. At first, you’d be talking to your coach quite often. But when you start learning and adopting most of the lessons, the sessions will become less frequent. 

  1. Life Goals

Many people want to change their lives altogether. They want to build a new identity and form new beliefs. If you’ve had a past trauma that’s affecting your adulthood or current reality, you need a life coach to help you achieve your life goals.

Life coaching makes it easy for us to shape a better future. Your life coach will recommend having sessions with you for a year or more. But it mostly depends on how quickly you adapt to the teachings. Life goals require a lot of commitment.

How long should a life coaching session be?

The length of your session is entirely up to your coach. Sometimes they may coach you for 30 minutes or less. But if they feel like it, they can spend time with you for two hours plus. Here are the common types of coaching sessions.

  1. Laser sessions

Depending on your needs, a life coach can suggest short sessions. They are usually 10 to 30 minutes long and won’t waste anyone’s time. Laser sessions are powerful because the coach would go straight to the point. 

If both parties have a tight schedule, this type of session is most suitable. It helps you talk about important things rather than beat around the bush. You’ll catch one or two lessons that can easily stick to your memory.

  1. Standard sessions

Everyone prefers standard sessions because they are neither short nor long. There’s enough room for in-depth discussions. It often starts with a recap of the previous session, a review of your assignment, and a few questions.

These life coaching sessions often last 30 to 60 minutes. They won’t take much of your time and the coach gets to explain the topic better. Basically, a standard session allows both parties to have a fulfilling conversation.

  1. Marathon sessions

Once in a while, your life coach might suggest a marathon session where multiple issues can be discussed. It’s best when both parties have some time to spare. These sessions can be up to two hours depending on what you’re talking about.

Busy and working clients usually opt for marathon sessions. If you can’t meet your life coach for 30 minutes few times a week, this is the best option for you. Longer coaching sessions are often packed with wisdom and life-changing lessons.

How Long Should You Work With A Life Coach?

At the onset, you’ll have to meet up with your coach regularly. It helps both of you to get acquainted with each other and set the foundation for coaching. Life coaches often plan weekly sessions then reduce the frequency as you make significant progress. Brunette porn videos – see here

  1. Weekly Sessions 

At the beginning, life coaches and clients tend to meet few times a week. It helps to gain traction and look into your past. Here’s the stage where your coach gets to discover things about you and understand where the problem lies.

Weekly sessions allow the coach to provide all the knowledge, techniques, and support you need. You’ll be amazed at how helpful regular sessions can be. Your life coach gets to deliver a series of effective lessons and strategies.

  1. Every 2 weeks

When you’re already adopting new ideas and habits, the life coach will allow you to practice. We learn by doing rather than listening and taking notes. Your coach should reduce the frequency of the sessions as you begin to improve. 

During this period, there will be lots of assignments to work on. Your coach might suggest some books to read or podcasts to listen to. Meeting once in two weeks gives you enough time and space to embody what you’ve learned.

  1. Monthly sessions

At this point, you are closer to achieving your goals. The life coach should have instilled new ideas, habits, and attitudes in you by now. You just need to keep practicing till these lessons become an integral part of you. 

Monthly sessions are available for support and encouragement. The coach would be aware of the ongoing development in your life. But they need to keep you on track and check for areas where you may need some help. 

  1. Quarterly sessions

Life coaches need to check on their clients a few times before they stop working with them. They get to review what strategies are working for them and which ones they are having issues with. The coach may offer some extra advice too.

Quarterly life coaching sessions can help you maintain your progress. The coach is there to make sure you don’t backslide or fall back to your old thinking and habits. 


There’s no specific answer to how long you should work with a life coach. It depends on the goals you’re trying to achieve, the time available, and how long it would take to get the desired results.

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