How to Make the Most of the First Call with Your Life Coach

There comes a time in our lives when we experience roadblocks, fears, and setbacks. However, these things happen so often that we begin to normalize them. It can make us doubt ourselves and feel so inadequate. 

Oftentimes, we also forget our desires and goals. And start to drift through life without any sense of purpose. It’s hard to forge ahead after making the wrong decisions and failing. That’s because we’ve been riddled with fear and uncertainty.

Life coaching helps to bring us out of despair and into an inspired state where everything is bound to fall in place. Sometimes, all we need is someone to help us unlock our hidden potentials. No one is a failure. We’re just yet to unbox our gifts.

A life coach will assist you in setting goals and help you achieve them. They challenge our limiting beliefs, sabotaging thoughts, and bad attitudes. Life coaching can help you excel and improve any area of your life. 

What Does A Life Coach Do?

A life coach can help you develop useful skills, improve your thinking, get clear on goals, expand your comfort zone, capitalize on your strengths, develop good habits, strengthen your relationships and unlock your life’s purpose.  

During coaching sessions, your coach will ask questions to help them understand your needs, desires, and wants. They make sure to listen to everything you say and take necessary notes. Then, they determine what needs improvement.

Getting a life coach is probably the most empowering decision you can ever make. They will raise your confidence and show you how to make better decisions. Life coaching creates mindset shifts and helps to change your reality.

How To Make The Most Of Your Pre-Coaching Call?

Life coaching can be pricey because of the huge impact that it makes on people’s lives. And that is why you need to vet your life coach properly before working with them. You need to make the right decisions to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts in the future. 

It’s also a good thing that most life coaches offer a free consultation so that you can have a conversation with them. In order to determine if a coach is perfect, you have to make the most of your first coaching call. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right coach.

  1. Talk about your goals

On the first call with your potential life coach, you need to speak about what you’re hoping to achieve. This will help the coach understand what you’re looking for. Life coaching is all about helping you become a better person and improving your reality.

So you need to talk about what you need help with. It could be goal setting, accountability, or even clarity in your life. The coach needs to know the problems you’re facing so they can construct the best plan to help you solve them. 

  1. Ask questions

The next thing to do is ask necessary questions. Since you’re hoping to work with the coach, you need to understand their coaching process. Do they have a structured way of delivering sessions? Or you both will have to work it out together?

It doesn’t matter how the coach decides to deliver sessions. The most important thing is that you both communicate and work on achieving your goals. You also need to know how the coach measures success in the lives of their clients. 

  1. Listen to their story

Most coaches will tell you about themselves and why you should consider them as the best option. They know you’re skeptical so they try to address your concerns. It’s only fair that you pay attention when they talk about their background story. 

You have to listen to their story, certification, and work history. You need to understand where he or she coming from and what makes them unique. It’s also great to know if coaching is their passion or they’re merely doing it.

  1. How do you feel?

You can’t build a coaching relationship with someone you’re not comfortable with. If the coach is good, your mind will probably tell you. But there are a few things to notice about them. Do they come off as being understanding or do they seem to judge?

It’s not advisable to work with someone who puts you down. Are they being sarcastic or do they tell offensive jokes? A coach can be informal but they have to be respectful and well-mannered. They also need to listen to you with rapt attention. 

  1. Look at the investment

Life coaching is an investment that can make your life better. So check out the package options and choose what suits you best. Of course, coaching costs a lot but it’s totally worth it. You are about to learn from the coach’s experience and expertise. 

It’s better to invest in yourself than to waste money and time dilly-dallying around. You’re paying for the techniques, strategies, and accountability that the coach will provide you with. Investing in life coaching is worth the value you’ll be getting. 

  1. What’s next?

Before the end of the first call with your life coach, you need to inquire about the next steps. Will the coach follow up with you? Are you allowed to contact them if you need further clarification? How would you pay for their packages?

You also need to specify the amount of time that it would take for you to make a decision. Will it take a week or two before you decide to invest. Or maybe it would take another month for the money to be available? Make sure to keep the coach informed.

  1. Are they a good fit?

After the call, you need to reflect on the whole situation. Do you like the coach? Can you see yourself working with them? Do they seem confident and knowledgeable about their work? You need to know if they can help you produce tangible results. 

If the life coach has the right energy, training, and coaching process, you can proceed with them. You need to also go through their website and social media pages to see what their clients are saying. When you’ve made a decision, reach out to the coach and tell them. 


The tips above should help you make the most of the first call. Transformation happens whenever a professional coach and a willing client come together. The key is to be open and honest about your situation and what you need help with.

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