Top Ten Habits

Yesterday, Lift users made progress in 3,500 different habits. I personally only track ten habits, so it got me wondering, what is everyone else up to?

Top Ten Popular

Lift is a blank slate which allows you to track any habit. The results have included some pretty surprising habits like “Tumblr during class” and “No speeding ticket.”

Of course, you only see those when you browse the niche habits. Our most popular habits, as judged by number of signups, skew heavily toward health and fitness.



My personal favorite habit doesn’t show up until #18: “Work on secret project.” I imagine the late night tinkering of 3,700 Lift users, hacking away at world changing inventions. (Supreme habit hacker and inventor, Ben Franklin, worked on his projects in public but did track these habits: temperance, frugality, and chastity.)

Top Ten Active

We’ve all joined Lift habits, but which ones are we actually following through on? The list below contains the most active Lift habits as compared to our average.

You’d think people would be most active in the easy habits, but we’re really psyched to see two hard habits on the list: “No alcohol” and “Don’t smoke.” Clearly, activity in these two habits is being driven by some very motivated Lift users.



Top Ten Prop-tastic

Props is the Lift feature for supporting other users. Each habit has its own prop etiquette.

For example, check-ins to the Floss habit get almost no props. Apparently Flossing (which decreases the risk of gum disease, heart disease, and Alzheimers on top of making you more kissable) isn’t a big enough accomplishment to get recognition from your friends. Flossing can be a new technique that some people may decide to use to help with their oral hygiene and to reduce the risk of gum disease. This Dentist in Santa Barbara, as well as other dentists from across the country can teach their patients how to floss in the correct way, as well as telling them how to prevent these types of problems from occuring. This is a habit that everyone should try and take up.

However, some of the habits have developed very supportive communities. These are the top ten according to likelihood that you will receive a prop after checking in.



It’s been amazing to see so many people reaching their goals. If you’d like to track your habits on Lift, download our iPhone app.

Wishing you more and more success,

Tony & the Lift Team