18 Simple Strategies to Live on A Tight Budget And Save More Money

  1. Travel by public transport. Cabs may be comfortable but buses give you an idea about the bustle of daily life. 
  2. If you need a vehicle, Get yourself a bicycle rather than a bike.
  3. Quit drinking.
  4. Quit smoking.
  5. Quit drugs.
  6. Cook your own meals or book a meal service rather than eating at restaurants or ordering food.
  7. If you feel like treating yourself to a proper dinner, share the meal with friends. Eating alone generally is costlier than eating with a group of people. 
  8. Hang out with like-minded people: someone who is on as tight a budget as you are.
  9. Hire an accountability coach who will keep track of your spending habits and help you stay on track.
  10. Don’t spend too much time window shopping lest you be tempted to actually purchase something.
  11. Avoid buying expensive branded clothes. Rather, look for markets that let you buy something that is equally fashionable, only cheaper and more comfortable.
  12. Keep only as much cash with you as you’d be needing for your daily expenses — that way you’ll have no option even if you get a sudden urge to splurge. Not all shops have the option of online or card payment after all.
  13. If you need to buy a newer version of something you already own (say, furniture), make arrangements to sell the older one to make up for at least a part of your budget.
  14. Buying used stuff is a lot easier on the wallet.
  15. Turn off all electronic gadgets when not in use to save on the electricity bill.
  16. Instead of the mall, do your grocery shopping from a local market. Not only do you get all you need for less than half the price, but you also stock up on comparatively fresher and healthier stuff.
  17. Most importantly, learn to distinguish between “need” and “want”. Basic amenities can’t be lived without, luxuries sure can.
  18. To get an even better idea, you can learn from the experts at Better Humans. They write the most detailed tutorials on self improvement.