Funding to Lift Human Potential

How do you build a universal motivational tool? With a lot of help. Jon and I work extremely hard to find experts to support the Lift mission and who live in the spirit of incremental improvement each and every day.

To that end, we’re extremely pleased to announce that Lift has closed a Series A round of funding led by Bijan Sabet at Spark Capital. Bijan joins Evan Williams, Jon and me on our board.

Several experts in building startups and habits also joined this round. These investors are SV Angel and Adam Ludwin from RRE along with personal achievement expert, Tony Robbins, author of Getting Things Done, David Allen, and Emmy winning director, Greg Yaitanes.

Also, earlier this year we extended our seed investment from Obvious to include three angels. We never officially announced them. They are Tim Ferriss, best selling author of 4-Hour Chef/Body/Work-Week, Narendra Rocherolle of Smile/Webshots, and Jeremy LaTrasse of MessageBus.

Obvious continues their partnership with us and invested in this round.


Since our launch two months ago, Lift has helped people toward 500,000 habits that span diet, fitness, happiness, career, relationships, and hobbies.

That’s a good start, but there’s so much more we want to do. We’ve had most of the summer to get to know Bijan and our new investors. What impressed us most was how committed they are to the mission and the belief that this sort of tool can have a major impact on the world. (Here’s Bijan’s thinking on the investment.)

The established support systems have uneven availability and validation. In the future, you shouldn’t be required to choose between fifty sets of advice, attend in-person meetings, pay $50 per coaching session, or rely on products whose merit is merely aggressive marketing.

The characteristics we’re looking for in Lift are to be universally available, to be proven and self-improving, and to work as well for hard goals like diet as we do for easy goals like drinking more water.

This investment gives us the runway to get there.

You and Your Goals

Having read this far, I’d encourage you to do two things:

#1. Browse our popular habits and if you see something related to one of your goals, download Lift for your iPhone.

#2. Follow @liftapp on Twitter. We’re increasingly putting out tips and research from the data that Lift users generate.

Have a wonderful day and an even better tomorrow,

Tony, Jon & the Lift Team