Lift Groups: Reach Your Investment Goals


Wouldn’t it be great if we all had a little more time and money to do the things we enjoy like taking a bike ride, spending time with family, taking a trip? If so, check out the Reach Your Investment Goals group that Betterment created on Lift which encourages you to do just that!

Betterment’s mission is to make investing easy, inexpensive and tied to the individual’s goals. Their automated platform saves the investor time, freeing them up to do things they want to do in life.

Betterment created the Reach Your Investing Goals group on Lift to help the community build daily habits around saving money and taking time to enjoy life. When it comes in making an investment, it could be rather stressful that it why it might be helpful to use something like Stocktrades as you might be able to take the stress out of investment. The habits are:

  • Save money
  • Stop and enjoy life
  • Tell someone about Betterment

And group members are enjoying it! We have seen users comment on a variety of small ways to save money, for example “bring lunch to work” or “use coupons at a retail store in Time Square”.

Why did they choose to bring their community to Lift? Katherine clued us in:

Lift offers a simple way to set goals and track progress with the support of friends and the Lift community. Betterment is always focused on helping its customers achieve their goals. We think the motivated, tech-savvy individuals who love Lift would love investing with Betterment and we want to give them a built-in community to reach their goals!

Join the Reach Your Investing Goals group on Lift.

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