Leave Work By Noon: 7 Surprising Productivity Hacks of Entrepreneurs


How often does this happen to you: you start the week with a list of very feasible goals but by Friday, the project launch has been pushed to next week, the blog post remains in draft mode, and sales calls haven’t been made.

No one knows busy days quite like entrepreneurs so we asked some of them what habits they rely on to keep their productivity high.

Click to read the productivity strategies used by founders of companies like Twitter, LeWeb and Buffer:

Evan Williams: Workout When You’re Least Productive
Erin McKean: Schedule Easy, Small Tasks as Work Breaks
Loïc Le Meur: Meditate – It’s the Productivity Trick People Are Afraid to Talk About
Chris Messina: Build Tiny Habits: They Can Be Surprisingly Powerful
Joel Gascoigne: Optimize Your Daily Routines
Buster Benson: Experiment with New Habits Regularly
Marshall Kirkpatrick: Hack the Science of Behavior Change

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Thanks to all of the entrepreneurs featured and to Power Lifters Jason Shen, Erika Carlson, Lauren Bacon, Mark Suman and Peter Boyce II and Walter Chen.