Who is Steve Goldner?


Steve worked as a Forensic Toxicologist at the New York Chief Medical Examiner’s office. Methadone, the first non-abusable oral liquid dosage narcotic, was invented by him and his mentor, John Broich, in 1973. Stephen set records by obtaining FDA and DEA clearances in less than a year, making Methadone the quickest medicine to market ever. 

He then ushered in the present age of recreational drug testing by developing the first lab detection technologies and scaling them up with Mifflin Pharma and Spectrum Labs. Following successful exits from both firms, Steve acquired his law degree while working for Unilever to get additional pharmaceuticals and medical devices authorized globally.  


Steve, the founder/CEO of Pure Green, was given the first Michigan LARA cannabis-processing licence in July 2018 to launch his cannabis-centric consumer goods firm in Inkster, Michigan. Multiple new cannabis growing licenses have been obtained in the last ten months, the headcount has surpassed 50, and the buildout is adding 100,000 square feet of indoor production and 40 acres of outdoor cultivation in The Thumb region. Several patents for revolutionary controlled medication dosage and consumer devices are now being reviewed. Pure Green has completed eight cannabis clinical trials and is now doing four further studies. Steve has started the FDA review process for four cannabis drugs: PTSD treatment, opioid addiction treatment, and pain/anxiety alleviation for pets. Steve’s TEDMED and TEDx-Detroit films, which he always mentors, have inspired numerous businesses.  

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Notable quotes

  • “Pure Green is honored to provide FDA with CBD safety and efficacy information + data to support efforts.”
  • “Kudos to Michigan for advancing several solid cannabis businesses and aggressively advancing cannabis medicine.”
  • “Coffee affects cannabis and steroid systems.”
  • “Mexico to legalize marijuana-based product sales.”
  • “Study Finds Alcohol 10 Times More Deadly Than Cannabis on the Road.”
  • “Person to person dialogue is a hugely powerful approach to move people from antagonism to understanding.”
  • “CBD effectively reduced seizures / autistic social deficits in mouse genetic model  Dravet syndrome.”
  • “Harvard Med patient study: cannabis effectively relieves post-op pain.”
  • “An endocannabinoid compound as a possible treatment for anorexia nervosa in an animal model in mice.”
  • “Cannabis doesn’t raise stroke risk but tobacco does. A Study of 45 000 Swedish Men.”