Who is Vinay Prasad?

Vinay Prasad, MD, MPH, is a hematologist-oncologist in practice and an Associate Professor in the University of California, San Francisco’s Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics.  At UCSF, he does research on cancer medications, health policy, clinical trials, and improved decision-making. 

Dr. Prasad treats patients with a wide spectrum of benign hematologic and malignant disorders in his clinical practice. He hosts the Plenary Session podcast, is active on Substack, and has a YouTube channel… VinayPrasadMDMPH


Ending Medical Reversal: Improving Outcomes, Saving Lives is written by Dr. Prasad and Dr. Adam Cifu (University of Chicago) (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2015). Malignant is the book written by Dr. Prasad (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2020). The Portland Tribune, Atlantic magazine, STAT, The Oregonian, and NPR have all covered Dr. Prasad’s work.

Dr. Prasad earned his medical degree from the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine in 2009, where he received the Chairman’s Award in Internal Medicine, which is granted to the top student in Internal Medicine.

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Notable quotes

  • “I keep asking: has anyone seen trial data for paxlovid in people who have already been vaccinated?”
  • “Some news outlets report that if we lower out of pocket costs for Rx drugs w/out lowering the price, insurance will pay the difference.WRONG.”
  • “We pay w/higher premiums, less in our paycheck or higher taxes. Insurers merely take our $$ to pay for products & services plus a profit.”
  • “Dr. Sharff shows complexity in medicine, nuances of billing codes & points to way policymakers may be misguided w one size fits all mandates.”
  • “USA situation likely even worse due to extent of restrictions & we have not even assessed full damage.  A catastrophic failure.  AAP, CDC, unions, NYTimes, Fauci all failed kids…”
  • “New strain-specific mRNA vax CANNOT be supported by manufacturing data only. They must have RCTs for clinical outcomes.  Otherwise, we will let Pfizer give us 50 boosters with no proof we are better off.”
  • “Imagine if California had legislation to make this better. Rather than make it worse.  If the state starts to enforce vaccine mandates for these kids, it will drive more out.  Giving a 6 yr old who had COVID an mRNA vax is not a priority; getting them back in school is.”
  • “For a 51-year-old healthy person, no one has any idea if they have a personal health benefit from a 4th dose. Nor is there is a community-wide benefit.  All we know for sure is Pfizer’s profits. This is disappointing for an agency charged with protecting public health.”
  • “School closures had no or nearly no effect on the covid spread, and caused catastrophic damage to kids, disproportionately poor, minority and vulnerable kids.”
  • “Some bad policymakers still have not learned their lesson and are pushing for covid vaccine mandates for kids in order to attend school.”