33 Ideas to Design Your Ideal Morning Routine

Morning routines help you start off the day with the right vibe. They ground you and make you feel full of energy for what’s to come next. Having a morning routine that suits your needs and schedules is an excellent way to get the most out of your day. 

But how to go about designing one that you can stick to without falling off the wagon? The following 33 ideas will help you how.

  1. Stretch. Stand on your toes, stretch your arms over your head, and roll your head from left to right and back again. Do a few side stretches, squats, and lunges. This simple 3-minute stretch routine will get your blood flowing and your muscles nicely stretched.
  2. Take a cold shower. It’s been proven to be a cure for procrastination.
  3. Do a few minutes of meditation. A quick check of the sounds around you and an even quicker body scan of how each part of your body is feeling should be more than enough.
  4. Read a few minutes before getting out of bed.
  5. Journal your plans for the day before actually setting things in motion.
  6. Listen to a podcast that makes you feel good about yourself.
  7. List three things you’re grateful for before starting the day. 
  8. Read a blog or an article to set the right mood for the day.
  9. Spend a few minutes learning a new skill or absorbing new information.
  10. Write ten ideas. These can be ideas about a project you intend to start or how you can make the most of your day.
  11. Monitor your self-talk so you can become your most loyal cheerleader. Practicing positive self-talk the first thing in the morning can be the best way to have a great day.
  12. Keep a dream journal and write whatever you remember of last night’s dreams.
  13. Exercise your creativity. This can manifest itself in writing down ideas, making plans for the future, or spending a few moments doing what you really love.
  14. Review the previous day and think of all the ways you make sure the mistakes of yesterday don’t show up today.
  15. Do your most important task first thing in the morning. This will pave the way for a productive day.
  16. Read your email and answer the important ones.
  17. Spend a few moments working on a side hustle or your new business idea. This will keep the adrenaline pumping.
  18. Appreciate something in your immediate surroundings. Take a deep breath and say thank you to it for existing. 
  19. Make your bed. Research has proved this simple task can clear your brain of clutter and give you amazing ideas for a great day ahead.
  20. Open the curtains and welcome the sunlight in.
  21. Open the windows and breathe in the fresh air.
  22. Step out onto a balcony or the terrace and spend a few moments with nature.
  23. Take care of your houseplants. Several authors have written about how caring for a plant is like caring for yourself.
  24. Spend some time on your most cherished hobby. This doesn’t have to be monetized. It can simply be something that makes you happy.
  25. Listen to good music to set the right vibes for the day.
  26. Go out for a small walk around the house to clear your head and set your priorities of the day right.
  27. Eat a healthy breakfast.
  28. Gently massage your neck, shoulders, and forearms to set the blood pumping.
  29. Wear something that makes you feel good about your body.
  30. Brush your teeth, wash your face, and welcome the brand new day with enthusiasm.
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  33. Hire an accountability coach from this directory of coaches to help you on this journey to set and stick to your morning routine.