8 Tips to Stay In Touch With Your Friends Every Day

Technology has advanced so much and it’s become super simple to keep in touch with the people who matter. And even then, it’s still so easy to lose touch with friends. “Life happens” or excuses take over, and before we know it, the “The let’s meet up and plan what to do” s change to “Let’s plan to meet up.”

The good news is, if you really want to, there are some interesting and creative tips you can apply to stay in touch with friends. This post discusses eight tips to stay in touch with your friends every day.

1. Set a date

Everyone is busy in their own lives and your friends might have other priorities too. If you suddenly pop in and expect them to be available as and when you are, they might not be able to make it. This can lead to unwanted differences and leave you feeling bad.

To prevent this from happening, call your friends up and set a date for a meeting or a group call. That way, when they and you agree on a date and time that’s mutually convenient, you can catch up and have some fun.

2. Enjoy a virtual party

Unless you live in a bog city, it’s impossible for all your good friends to live in the same place. This can drastically reduce the number of times you meet up and exchange news. To prevent that from happening, organize virtual meetings over video call where you get together, get drunk, and share stories.

This can also be an excellent way to take some time off from work or family life and spend some quality time with the people who matter. You can also catch up with old friends form school or college this way and reminisce about the good old days that added so much color to your life.

3. Share the important moments

If you’re trying out an activity for the first time or celebrating some small achievement or life goal, you can host a streaming party and invite all your friends to share in your joy. This way, even if you don’t meet up regularly, you will at least work out a way to keep up to date with everything important that’s been going on with your friends.

4. Play online games together 

Just like you did in college, you can also play online games with your friends who live in different parts of the world. 

You can agree on a time and join the game together. This fun sense of competition will also help you bond and bring you closer. You can also keep talking and exchanging information during the game to deepen the bond with your friends even further.

5. Work on your goals together

Whether you plan on building a habit of working out daily, writing in your journal, or meditating, you can challenge your friends to work on the same goal with you. You can hold each other accountable and have much more fun building the habit and tracking your progress on this challenge together.

6. Share relevant stuff

If you come across a meme, an article, or a video you enjoyed, keep sharing that with your friends so you can have a laugh about it together. Make sure you watch every link your friends share so you can also get an insight into how they think and make that special moment even more special for them.

7. Hold yourself accountable

You can talk to your friends and tell them that you are planning on making them a part of your daily life. If they love you as much, they will have no objection to the idea and gladly hold you accountable. You can also hire an accountability coach. These are trained individuals committed to seeing you grow and evolve, so make the most of your association with them.

8. Track your progress

Just like when you are building any new habit, you can use technology to keep track of all the days you successfully managed to keep in touch with your friends.

You can also download a habit tracker. Keeping track of your unbroken streaks of playing the musical instrument will motivate you to keep the streak up and get even more committed to this new habit you’re building.