Keynote Speeches of All Habit Coach Commencements Organized by Coach.Me

Here are the keynote speeches by our guest speakers for all the Habit Coach Commencement Ceremonies organized by Coach.Me so far:

Habit Coach Commencement #1 with Leo Babauta

“Fearless habit of putting yourself out there.

Being a habit coach isn’t simply about changing some habits on the surface. It’s about diving in deeper to create an identity shift. When you seek to create change on such a scale, it can be terrifying. Leo talks about the need to train in fearlessness — to be okay with uncertainty, to embrace the fear with friendliness and compassion.

Remember who you serve: the struggles and pain of the people who can benefit so much from you. Ask yourself if their pain is worth the discomfort you’re feeling. Changing their lives is the reason why you do it. Open your heart up to that knowledge and be grateful that you’re given this opportunity to truly make a meaningful difference to the world.

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Habit Coach Commencement #2 with Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin is the NYT Bestselling author of The Happiness Project, Happier at Home, Better Than Before, The Four Tendencies, Outer Order, Inner Calm. Here, she talks about 

The 4-habit tendencies and a framework for Coaches and Clients to collaborate best within the habit coaching framework. Gretchen believes there are two types of expectations: Outer expectations, or the one the world places on us, and inner expectations — what we desire for ourselves and our lives. According to Gretchen’s framework, there are 4 habit tendencies of people:

  1. The Upholders who rely on discipline. They meet both outer and inner expectations with ease.
  2. The Questioners who question everything. They only comply with you if you convince them why.
  3. The Obligers who meet outer expectations easily but really struggle with inner expectations. Their need for someone to hold them accountable to their goals makes them most likely to hire coaches. 
  4. The Rebels who resist all expectations and only do what they wish to.

In this video, Gretchen talks about how coaches can work with each type of personality in such a way that both parties get the most out of the coaching sessions.

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Habit Coach Commencement #3 with George Mumford 

“There is something that can be found in one place. It is a great treasure which may be called the fulfillment of existence. The place where this treasure can be found is the place where one stands.” — Martin Buber

George Mumford, the author of the pivotal book Mindful Athlete and meditation teacher to Phil Jackson and Michael Jordon, talks about the importance of mindfulness and self-awareness as the first step to building better habits. Once you understand your purpose and intention behind everything you do, you can design your life better. 

George talks about continually asking ourselves “Why am I here?” in order to be in continual dialogue with ourselves and the people around us about our purpose. As coaches, we have to know who we are in order to share our talents through coaching.

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Habit Coach Commencement #4 with Nir Eyal

Nir Eyal, bestselling author of Indistractable talks about how habits are sometimes the wrong tool for the job.

He talks about how the nuance of the word “habit” as and how a lot of times when a client says habit they actually mean something else, like a routine. The strict definition of a habit is something that requires little or no conscious thought.

Some routines like writing, working out, or meditation can never be done unconsciously because they require a lot of deliberate practice, thought, and intention. He talks about how coaches can use this awareness to help their clients on an even deeper level starting with habits and then building into more complicated routines and skills.

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Habit Coach Commencement #5 with Shonté Jovan Taylor

Neuroscientist Shonté Jovan Taylor talks about the immeasurable depths of the potential of the human brain. She then goes on to share some inspirational tips to help the people who are starting on their journey to become better habit coaches.

Here are some key points of her speech that will be helpful for newly graduated habit coaches:

  1. Don’t underestimate the power you have to make a difference.
  2. When you’re working with clients, don’t aim to change a thousand habits. Instead, help them to identify the few keystone habits that will fuel the rest of their journey and focus on these.
  3. Help your clients go beyond habits and inspire them to expand themselves.
  4. Think of yourself as an expert.
  5. Make your clients understand that it’s not enough to have a goal or a task. These will get over in the short term, but having a more long-term mission is a better strategy for a more fulfilled life.

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Habit Coach Commencement #6 with Amy Jo Kim

Beyond Habit Building: Why your customer journey matters.

Amy Jo Kim is a world famous game designer (Ultima Online, Rockband, The Sims) and product designer. Amy talks to us about how a coach can use the lessons of successful product design to develop their own coaching products.

In particular, Amy talks about how to identify and design for Super Fans. These are people with three traits: they have a problem, they know they have a problem, they are actively looking to solve their problem. As a coach, you will have the most success focusing on solving the problems of your super fans.

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