The Quantified Diet Project: Find the Healthy Plan That's Right for You

The diet industry is broken. Lift is going to fix this.
Everything people think they know about diet is contradicted somewhere else. What diets work? What does it even mean for a diet to work? Weight loss? Long term health? Enjoyment?
We’re working with researchers at UC Berkeley to answer every question possible in the name of science. More importantly, this is in the name of helping you be the healthy, high energy genius you were meant to be.
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We’re bringing in our behavior design expertise, dozens of subject matter experts and over $100k in giveaways.
Starting January 1st, we will make ten different 4-week diet plans available on Lift. The diets will cover all popular diet advice and then we’ll measure the results, along with our academic partners, in order to look at weight loss, difficultly, enjoyability, and effects on happiness and energy.
Here’s an example Diet Plan, written for the Paleo Diet. And here’s the full list:

  1. Paleo: eat like a caveman, mostly veggies, meats, nuts. Advised by Paleohacks and Nerd Fitness.
  2. Slow-Carb: lean meat, beans, and veggies; abstain from white foods like sugar, pasta, bread, cheese. Based on Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Body.
  3. Vegetarian: vegetables, but no meat. Cheese and eggs are optional.
  4. Whole foods: eat only recognizable foods and avoid processed ones. Advised by Summer Tomato.
  5. Gluten-free: no wheat, rye, barley or wheat-based foods.
  6. No sweets: a simple diet change that affects your insulin swings.
  7. DASH: USDA’s current recomendation.
  8. Calorie counting: the old standard.
  9. Sleep more: the science says this should work. Advised by: Swan Sleep Solutions.
  10. Mindful eating: learn mindfulness to recognize when you’re full. Advised by ZenHabits.

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