Who is Peter Attia?

Peter is a Doctor of Applied Longevity Science. His work focuses on dietary therapies, exercise physiology, sleep physiology, emotional and mental health, and pharmacology in order to improve healthspan while increasing longevity (the quality of your life). Peter completed a five-year residency in general surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where he received numerous major prizes, including a resident of the year and author of a thorough study of general surgery. He also spent two years at the National Cancer Institute as a surgical oncology fellow, where his research focused on immune-based treatments for melanoma.


When he is requested to talk about longevity, metabolic-related themes, sports performance, or his personal experience, Peter earns speaking honorariums from institutions such as hospitals and health-related corporations.

Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Big Sky Health’s fasting app Zero serve on the boards of Oura Health Oy and Athletic Greens. He is a shareholder in Virta Health, HumanCo, LMNT, Magic Spoon Cereal, Maui Nui Venison, Supercast, and Salutoceuticals

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Notable quotes

  • “The good news: we have a “drug” that is very effective at delaying the onset of death and preserving healthspan. This drug is called exercise, and nothing else rivals it. “
  • “Am I convinced of the impressive performance and recovery benefits of PR Lotion related to hard bouts of exercise? Or, should we dismiss the research entirely because of its limitations? “
  • “The very small size of the 2021 study also raises the possibility that its reported benefits of PR Lotion wouldn’t hold up in a larger study population – it’s worth noting that neither study has yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal.”
  • “It’s possible that the positive effects of PR Lotion are only significant for short periods of intense work separated by rest periods, in contrast to the continuous 5- or 60-min exercise tests of the 2018 study.”
  • “Unfortunately, the parameters that were found to be significantly affected by PR Lotion were not part of the original hypothesis, and data analysis was not adjusted to account for these additional tests.”
  • “However, a 2018 randomized crossover study failed to show any effect on performance in short (5-min) or long (60-min) intensity trials, though it did demonstrate differences in heart rate, rate of perceived exertion, and delayed onset muscle soreness.”
  • “In the 2021 randomized, crossover study, cyclists using PR Lotion were able to complete 20% more high-intensity 30-second intervals before reaching exhaustion than they could when using control lotion.”
  • “PR Lotion is believed to buffer the acid that builds up in muscles during intense exercise, thus helping to maintain contractile force and improve endurance.”
  • “Losing fat mass isn’t necessarily easy, but unfortunately, that struggle pales in comparison to the challenge of keeping it off.”
  • “When we set a goal to “lose weight,” we’re often really talking about losing fat.”