Who is Shonte Jovan Taylor?

Shonté Jovan Taylor is a UCLA Neuroscience graduate who has worked in graduate-level brain research, industry, and organizational settings for over 15 years.

Taylor has performed on the same stage with success guru Jack Canfield, impacted minds at TEDx, and is a member of the Forbes Coaching Council. She is a success trainer and futurist whose purpose is to inspire 100 MILLION people to utilize their minds and brains more effectively in their personal, professional, and business life. 

Shonté now teaches ambitious individuals how to utilize their brains consciously and forcefully in order to realize their full human potential.

She says, “The human brain has granted us intelligence far beyond any living species on earth. As one of the busiest organs in the human body, our brains run with an astonishing efficacy nearly every second of our lives. While we have some control over what we do and how we think, our brains are more than capable of changing the world in a truly profound way.


Her current work is meant to educate ambitious people toward greater human potential and compassion. Her work, which is based on her understanding of neuroscience and human behavior, provides a chance for professional and personal achievement via investigation of the mind. Her impact is focused on understanding the brain, allowing individuals to change toward inventive thinking that magnifies others’ genius, determination, and empathy. It is a precise route that leads her audience to the next level of innovation, revenue involvement. 

Her leadership and success training have enabled her to teach thousands of coaches and leaders globally and to pursue her love for sparking neuroscience-based High Performance, Productivity, and Focus Techniques. Her most recent achievements include producing a course named,” The OptiMind Neuroscience Coaching & Training Certification Program” and presenting a worldwide recognized podcast called Coffee With a Neuroscientist

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Notable quote

  • “Everyone deserves to know about how their beautiful brain works.”
  • “Set goals at the beginning of the week. Your mind will be prioritized and unconsciously work toward them.”
  • “To Stay Mentally Sharp it’s essential to understand how your brain works.”
  • “What are you feeding your brain today?”
  • “Just know…your 20-year-old brain is NO comparison to your 40 PLUS+-year-old brain!”
  • “In neuroscience NEW learning, TRUE learning, and SUSTAINABLE learning will be added and expanded to your EXISTING mental strengths…like adding branches to an oak tree that holds wisdom she has gained from the generations of sharpening her strengths along with the challenges and possibilities over time.”
  • “Just knowing how our brain functions can make us more aware of how we conduct our day, what we take into our minds and bodies, who we surround ourselves with, how we plan our days, and how we use our time. This can also be called mindful awareness. This is operating as our highest selves. Us…at our best.”
  • “A purpose is multi-dimensional and can change depending on where you are in mind awareness, time and space…But you’re never wrong when you are walking intentionally in it…Make it happen…”
  • “I love stalking…I mean watching OptiMind Students show up in their expertise AMPLIFIED by powerful neuroscience.” 
  • “Neuroscience has been exploding in popularity as a way to understand and change human behavior, but it can be complex and confusing.”

Inspiring Talks by Shonte Taylor