Who is Zubin Damania?


Zubin Damania, a rapper and internist who goes by the moniker  “ZDoggMD,” wants to shake up healthcare with ideas as daring and personal as his satirical videos.

Zubin Damania, M.D. is the Director of Healthcare Development for Downtown Project Las Vegas, a large-scale urban revitalization initiative led by Zappos.com CEO Tony Hsieh. Zubin earned the Russell Lee Award for Clinical Teaching during his 10-year hospitalist tenure at Stanford, while also performing stand-up comedy for medical audiences across the world.  


His films, published under the alias ZDoggMD, have almost a million views while educating consumers and doctors and cruelly satirizing our broken healthcare system.

In Las Vegas, Zubin is transforming satire into tangible change by building a new style of healthcare delivery that promotes wellness on both an individual and communal level. He just established Turntable Health, a general care clinic in Las Vegas.  

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Notable quotes

  • “For some, planning and preparation are essential to the creative process. For others, creativity and authenticity feel more like excavation and opening a hole in the universe.”
  • “ALL the things, including addictive tech’s contribution to widespread subclinical mental illness and polarization, and how we might avoid civilizational collapse (while fixing healthcare, too)”
  • “Some people frame Rogan as a free speech issue. Therefore, do nothing. Others frame it as a misinformation issue. Therefore, de-platform.
  • “Can we apply the structure and elements of storytelling to our own life?”
  • “Many have mystical or “peak” experiences, even true awakenings, with no context or container for them.”
  • “What happens when meditation makes you feel WORSE? The answer may lie in the dissolution of emotional repression. SPOILER ALERT: contrary to our conditioning, this is a GOOD thing.”
  • “I’m for COVID vaccines, but against vaccine mandates.”
  • “In the heated debate over vaccine mandates, science and logic have often been lost amid politics and fear.”
  • “The best synthesis I’ve yet seen of our sense-making crisis in the setting of COVID and the role of an alt-middle synthesis. Not both-sidering, not false equivalence, but SYNTHESIS.”
  • “Emotions that run high on Twitter are quickly defused with real human conversation.”