8 Tips to Stop Smoking

If you came to this page to learn how you can quit smoking, you probably know all the health risks associated with it. But no matter how much one resolves to quit smoking, it can get hard.

This post discusses eight effective steps you can implement right now to quit smoking and get rid of your smoking habit. Apply them to lead a healthier life today.

1. Know your why

Having a strong reason to quit smoking can go a long way in helping you stick to your resolution. Know your reason behind this decision and make your mind around it. Be so rock solid in your conviction that no amount of temptations can divert you from your path.

2. Prepare before you dive in

Nicotine addiction is real and can be very difficult to deal with on your own. Before you embark on this journey to quit smoking, talk to your doctor and your addiction expert about your decision. Some drugs to help with the withdrawal symptoms can also be a good tool in your arsenal.

You can also consider nicotine replacement therapy and familiarize yourself with alternatives before taking such a big step. These will help you stay on course and stick to your goals.

3. Expect support

Lean on your loved ones for support. Tell them about your decision and the steps you plan to take to achieve this goal of quitting smoking and draw your boundaries. If you have friends who hang out while smoking, you need to stay away from them during the smoking hours so you don’t get tempted. 

Similarly, let your family know. Having a shoulder to lean on will make this journey less taxing than it has to be.

You can also hire an accountability coach to guide you on this journey and keep track of your progress. With their expert advice, they can make sure you don’t fall off the wagon.

4. Find new ways to relax

The most common reason people turn to nicotine is that it helps them relax. If you find different ways to enjoy your breaks, you can beat the cigarette addiction.

Go to a massage spa, pamper yourself with a hot bath, find purpose in a new hobby, rediscover your love for reading — there are so many ways you can fight work stress. Cigarettes don’t have to be the only option.

5. Avoid triggers

Another common reason people turn to smoke is that they need something to accompany their drinks. If you feel alcohol is a trigger, stop drinking so you don’t feel tempted. 

Fighting alcohol addiction is another struggle, but if leaving these two habits helps you live a better life, why not attempt them both?

6. Get a lifestyle change

Clean your house and get rid of all the reminders of your smoker lifestyle. Toss the ashtrays in the trash and get houseplants or other decorative items to replace them.

Similarly, change your lifestyle to fill in your “smoke breaks” with other meaningful activities. Spend time with a pet, hang out with friends, or dedicate an evening to a loved one.

7. Learn to forgive yourself 

Understand that giving up smoking is not going to be a straight line. It is a journey filled with ups and downs — and there will be days you can’t be strong enough. Bad days are inevitable and not in your control. But you can control the way you feel about them. 

Forgive yourself for slipping up, and get back on track. You can also download a free habit tracker to mark your progress. Remember to celebrate small wins and congratulate yourself for keeping up a streak of ‘no smoking’ days. 

8. Exercise

Make exercise a part of your daily routine. When you get your body moving, you’ll feel the dopamine hit that comes from smoking and not feel the need to resort to cigarettes.

If you feel working out is hard, you can also incorporate running into your schedule. It’s a great way to de-stress after a long day. You can be healthy as well as not rely on smoking for comfort.