20 Inspiring Quotes from “Best Self” by Mike Bayer


Are you living the life you want to live? Or are you simply slogging through life, waiting for it to end? The truth is that we all have untapped potential and unrealized goals, but we are rarely taught how to access or realize them. Instead, many of us stop learning about life and merely maintain our self-made status quo.

If you’re fed up with your present situation, start with Best Self. Mike Bayer, a life coach, will provide you with concrete ideas based on years of self-reflection and experience. We’re frequently taught that we’re one-of-a-kind tiny snowflakes. But this doesn’t help us know ourselves deeper. We frequently navigate life with the sense that something is amiss and that we are not operating in accordance with our real selves. After all, this isn’t something that’s taught in dusty old schoolrooms. 


Notable quotes

  • “I won’t give haters any of my energy.  I won’t drink the poison.”
  • “Focus on the things you can change. Let go of what you can’t change.  Easier said than done.”
  • “Who you allow in your life will also determine the quality of your life.”
  • “Don’t go for a “revenge body” after a break-up.  Just get into self-love. It’s the best remedy.”
  • “In my opinion, SELF LOVE is the greatest accomplishment a person can have in this lifetime.”
  • “Everyone has a different definition of love.”
  • “I’m still a big kid trying to be an adult at times.”
  • “When people show you who they are more than once, make sure to pay attention. For the good and not so good.”
  • “You don’t need everyone to understand your brilliance.”
  • “Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself.”
  • “I would be so happy if I never saw celebrity news on my social media. I genuinely do not care who Is marrying who, what someone is wearing, or what meltdown they are having.  I would pay to not see this stuff. It’s so empty.”
  • “The buzz word “anti-aging” should just be called “staying healthy”
  • “Some people won’t want you to succeed.  Don’t give them good or bad energy.”
  • “Never conform to being someone you aren’t.”
  • ““When I stopped living in the problem and began living in the answer, the problem went away.”
  • “I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone.”
  • “You teach people how you want to be treated. When you don’t accept compliments you are teaching them not to compliment you.”
  • “I’d rather argue with a taco than argue with a stranger on the internet.”
  • “Don’t give your power away to those you disagree with.”
  • “Just because people didn’t call you today to see how you are doing, doesn’t mean that people don’t love you!  Don’t take it personally.  Also, call others to see how they are doing.  It will get you out of stinking thinking.”
  • “Being different is not as bad as you think. It can bring you unexpected success.”