43 Tools to Be Cure Procrastination and be More Productive

Please tell me you read the goal-setting section. Otherwise, productive just means busy, and there’s no value in that. To what end do you care about productivity?

My own goals for productivity include things like having a positive impact and making money. But they also include goals like being able to say on Saturday, “I didn’t work on productivity all week just to have to work on the weekend.”

Productivity Tactics

Hacks, tips, assessments — there’s a ton you can do to maximize your productivity.


Skills & Habits:

Counterintuitively, productivity doesn’t mean working all the time:


A case study in tracking your time:

Cure Technology Distraction

This section has a lot of articles because technology distraction is so pervasive. You basically have to go device-by-device and service-by-service until they’re set up to allow you time to focus.

The most important rule is that technology should be your tool, not your boss. I’m partial to my own article as a starting point. It’s a 75-minute read, which should signal that it’s thorough. But I also hope readers see the length and clue into how much work they have ahead of them to reclaim their lives.

For Android owners, try this article:

Given that my iPhone-specific tutorial is so long and extreme, you should also consider the following shorter tactics:

A lot of tech distraction comes down to social media apps. The articles below have you either change their settings or give them up entirely.

Our computers have the same distractions as our phones. But so far, we just have this one article:

Sometimes the technology distraction has a real human being behind it:

Cure Procrastination

The roots of procrastination start in the emotional centers of our brain. Normally, we won’t even notice the subconscious emotions that trigger it. Thankfully, there are a number of tested tactics to reduce and maybe even cure procrastination.

This series starts with the world’s leading researcher in procrastination, followed by applied tactics from top coaches, and then ends with a science fiction piece about what would happen if we could design a device that would apply these tactics for us.

Use Your Tech Tools More Productively

The following are skills to help you use your tools more productively.

If you’re on a Mac:

If you’re on Windows:

Different ways to use your web browser:

Even more tools:

For your phone:

Office Design for Productivity & Creativity

A four-part series from an architect who specializes in applying scientific research on productivity, creativity, and flow. All by Donald M. Rattner, AIA