6 Simple Steps to Include Yoga Into Your Routine

Yoga is an age-old practice several research studies have proved to bestow several benefits to your physical and mental health. The best part about Yoga is that you don’t have to be a professional or an expert to incorporate it into your life. 

No matter what age you are or how busy your lifestyle is, you can always find time for Yoga. This post discusses six simple steps beginners can use to incorporate Yoga into their lives. 

1. Get into the mindset

More than a form of exercise, Yoga is a state of mind, a form of acceptance. The word “Yoga” means union in Sanskrit. It’s effectively a way to find union among all the aspects of your life. 

The right mindset to being a Yogi is one of acceptance, of surrendering to a higher power, and embracing the benefits of being present in the moment. 

You can start by taking a few deep breaths and appreciating your body for all the wonderful things it is capable of. Then, you can tune out distractions and be present in the moment with your mind, body, and soul.

2. Get rid of expectations 

If you want to start Yoga because it would make you flexible and give you a lean body within a few days of practice, you’re approaching it wrong. 

Instead of getting side-tracked by unrealistic expectations, focus on the present moment. Concentrate on your breathing and get into the mindset of being a Yogi. The gratitude of the present moment, being fully aware of your surroundings, and appreciating all that your body is capable of is a great way to start.

The results will follow later. It’s important to first start.

3. Concentrate on your breathing

A major component of Yoga, aside from bodily movements, is breathwork. 

When you are inhaling lungfuls of air and feeling your chest and belly expand with the energy of the universe, it’s important to feel the connection between your awareness and breath. 

This awareness will stay with you when you’re not physically engaged in the act of repeating an exercise. It can help you become more mindful of the present and ease your sleep.

4. Embrace the stillness

Unlike HIIT training or aerobic exercises, a large part of incorporating Yoga is to get comfortable in the stillness.

When you stretch your limbs and contort your body into an asana, it’s important to be mindful of how this pose is making each part of your body feel. Close your eyes, concentrate on your breathing and feel the strength in the individual fibers of your muscles.

A basic tenet of Yoga is being present in the moment. Once you cultivate this mindset, it can stay with you during other moments of your life as well. While you’re waiting for the doctor to show up on your appointment, you can choose to be mindful of the moment rather than taking out your phone and mindlessly scrolling through social media.

5. Perfect the basic poses

Before opening up a YouTube tutorial and getting into a long Yoga routine, shift your focus to mastering the basic Yoga poses. Pay special attention to how your feet should be placed on the ground, where your palms should be facing, and the angle of your neck. Also, concentrate on the breathwork — when should you inhale and when to exhale.

Mastering the basic poses first will help you transition into more complex routines later on in your journey. It will also help you reap the benefits of a Yogi lifestyle right from the beginning.

6. Join a beginner’s class

Working on your Yoga poses alone at home is not a bad idea. But joining a class will help you develop the feeling of working on self-improvement as a community and make it easier for you to ease into the routine.

If you can’t find a class just yet, you can also do the same at home, but get yourself an accountability coach. They are trained professionals who will help you ease into the routine and guide you if you miss your new habit for a few days.

You can also download a habit tracker app to mark the days on the calendar on which you didn’t skip your habit. This is a great way to keep yourself accountable and not miss your routine of practicing Yoga even on days you don’t feel like working out much.