7 Tips to Get to Work On Time Every Day

If you’re someone who struggles to be on time, you know how important it is to get to work on time every day. Being late to work regularly can impact your reputation negatively and also adversely affect the relationships you build with your colleagues in the workplace.

This post discusses six creative tips that will help you be more punctual and show up at work on time every day.

1. Make your bed first thing in the morning

This might sound counterintuitive. After all, if you spend more time making your bed each morning, you will lose precious time and might end up getting to work even later than your usual time.

But making your bed the first thing in the morning puts you into this productive mood that fills you with positive energy for the rest of the day. You already have one item on your to-do list checked. You will be super motivated to start checking off the rest, including getting to work on time.

2. Plan your day on the previous night

Making a to-do list before you go to sleep on the previous night can have amazing impacts on your productivity the next day. They not only help you manage your time better but knowing all the tasks you have got to do right after you wake up helps you sleep better.

Of course, sleeping on time will help you wake up on time, which, in turn, will help you get to work on time.

3. Plan your breakfast before you sleep

It is a widely accepted fact that nothing wakes you up in the morning like a big cup of coffee. It’s also extremely important to have breakfast every day.

So, how do you combine these two habits to make sure you never get late to work ever again?

Plan your meals in advance, and have them right after brushing your teeth in the morning. That way, you can have your dose of caffeine to wake you up, while at the same time, save precious time and reach work full-on energy and right on time. 

4. Keep your variables in check

If you go to the office by car pool, make sure you ensure the car will arrive the next day.

If you ride a bike, keep checking your tires and make sure your bike is in great condition to ride the next morning without any glitches.

If you travel by your own car, keep checking your fuel tank, tire pressure, brake fluid, etc.

There are so many variables not in your control. But the least things you leave to chance, the better off you will be and the easier it will get for you to reach work on time.

5. Keep your clothes ready

Choosing what to wear each morning can be a big headache and lead to decision fatigue. You can reduce the time spent on deciding what to wear in the wee hours of the morning by pressing your clothes the night before and laying them out, ready to be worn the next morning. яндекс

Also, keep your watch, keys, and wallet at the same place — somewhere that’s easily visible so you don’t waste precious time looking for them

6. Hold yourself accountable

You can do this in the following two ways:

  • Maintain your daily eating habits in a habit tracker and keep track of your progress. Seeing an unbroken streak will motivate you to push yourself harder and make it easy for you to incorporate this habit into your life.
  • Hire an accountability coach to help you stick to your goals and make sure you don’t miss a day even when you’re tempted. These are trained professionals who will help you get back on track if you ever lose momentum somewhere down the line.