A Beginner’s Guide to Practicing Daily Affirmations

Positive affirmations can change your mindset and put you on the path to success faster than any other trick can. Over and over again, science has documented the benefits of positive self-talk, and from experience, I can say they work like magic.

But no matter how well we’re aware of how positive affirmations can help us clear our heads and become a better version of ourselves, it’s not easy to incorporate daily positive affirmations in our routine. This post discusses a detailed step-by-step guide on how you can start practicing daily affirmations.

Understand how affirmations work

When you keep repeating a belief or a value over and over again, it becomes ingrained in your brain and it turns out easier to believe it. 

In the beginning, it might be hard to believe an affirmation like “I am worthy of love,” especially if you’ve been conditioned by a lifetime of doubting your self-worth. The important point is to not give up and keep repeating them even if they don’t sound true at the moment.

A beneficial way of getting into this habit is by marking your daily progress on a habit tracker. You can also hire an accountability coach who will help you stay on track and help your get back with your habit of daily affirmations if you fall off the wagon for some reason.

It doesn’t matter if your self-esteem is high or low, positive affirmations can work for you and rewire your mindset if you word them correctly. 

How to create affirmations that work

Writing your affirmations in the present tense always works better than writing them in the future tense. If you feel “I am worthy of love” sounds too tough at the moment, you can reword it such as “I choose to..”

Here are some other ways to word your affirmations if “I am” feels too overwhelming for you at the beginning:

  • “I am learning how to…”
  • “I allow myself to…”

Before you write any affirmation, pay attention to how you talk to yourself. Is there a particular habit or area where you keep undermining yourself? Try working on that area first and create affirmations around a habit that you don’t give yourself enough credit for.

Turn your negativity to positivity 

When you’re mindful about the way you talk to yourself, you will start spotting each time you tell yourself negative statements like “I can’t do this” or “What if people think…”

When you see something like that happening, stop yourself and change your negatives into positives. Pump yourself up like you’d pump up your best friend and say things to yourself in a tone that pulls you up rather than pushing you down.

Give yourself compliments. Keep repeating your positive affirmations day after day.

Speak them out loud

If writing your affirmations down doesn’t help, speak them out. Go to a rooftop and scream to the world what you’re capable of.

Give yourself permission to think beyond your bubble of comfort and allow the magic of the universe to bestow you with gifts untold.


Sometimes, it might not be enough to simply write or speak the words out loud. Switch your mindset from one of scarcity to an abundance mindset by visualizing a future where you are capable of doing all the things you dream of.

The next time you pick a goal for yourself, visualize yourself achieving it and allow yourself to feel all the positive emotions that will course through your body once you actually accomplish it.

This will provide you with the right push to stick to your goal, even if things get rough at times.