How to Get Into The Habit of Showering Every Day

Anyone who’s concerned about personal hygine and lives in a temperate to tropical climate cannot go without showering daily. However, no matter how much they sweat, some people find it hard to stick to a habit of showering regularly.

Often, it comes down to the simple reason — “No ne complained that I smell bad. I can skip it today and shower tomorrow.”

But if you’re keep on building a habit of daily showering but don’t know how to, this post is just the right for you. It discusses some creative and surprisingly easy-to-adopt tips for you to build a daily showering habit.

1. Keep your bathroom clean

When your bathroom is cluttered, you might not feel like entering it at all, other than to simply get inside and attend nature’s call.

But if you keep it sparkly clean and free from clutter, going inside and pampering yourself with the sweetest-smelling shower products will make you feel really good about yourself. You will enjoy the luxuriant feel on your skin and revel in the feeling of all your senses being pampered at the same time.

2. Visualize it as a happy experience

Rather than thinking of your shower as a chore, think of it as a happy activity. Treat it like an act of self-care that you’re indulging in not because you need to, but because you want to.

Several scientists have documented the power of visualization. You can try this to bring a positive change in your life.

3. Identify where the breakdown occurs

It you really want to build a daily showering habit, but find it difficult to stick to it, try and reverse engineer it so you can understand why it feels so hard. Break down the showering ritual into its most basic steps.

Maybe they include the following in a sequence:

  1. Make mind to shower.
  2. Get inside the bathroom.
  3. Get undressed.
  4. Turn on the water.
  5. Shower.

This seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? Of course, your routine might have different steps. The sequence doesn’t matter. What matters is which step in the sequence is causing you the most problems.

Maybe your bathroom is far away and you don’t feel like walking so long? Maybe your hot water isn’t working and it’s very hard to find the right tempterature for the water?

Whatever the reason might be, identify it and try to get it fixed. Once that happens, you will find it so much easier to just step in, shower, and walk out feeling good about yourself.

4. Set aside a fixed time of the day

If you make your daily shower a part of your morning routine, you’ll find that it’s much easier to stick to it. Having a fixed time set aside for your shower will train your mind and body to expect the same treatment at that time every day, and you’ll no longer find it hard to get inside the bathroom and start showering.

However, this step is easier said than done. Before it gets easy, things will be very hard. You’ll have to really force yourself in the initial few days. Once you have built up some momentum, things will get easier.

5. Add experiences that you enjoy

While many people claim they can think the hardest and come up with innovative ideas while showering, it might not be the same for you. Maybe you get bored in the shower or don’t enjoy it enough for some reason.

To counter this, add another experience you enjoy. Maybe you can light a scented candle nearby and enjoy the luxuriant scent while you let the waves of water wash over your body? Or maybe you can put your speakers inside and play a song you can dance to while showering.

6. Maintain consistency

When you’re building any new habit, it’s crucial to maintain consistency. You can do this by marking the days you managed to stick to your new habit of showering every day on the calendar. You can also download a habit tracker that will make the process much simpler and easily accessible.

You can also hire an accountability coach to make sure you don’t fall off the wagon. They are trained professionals who will help you stick to your new habit and celebrate your small wins so you don’t have to feel like you’re alone in this journey of building a habit of showering every day.