Who is Amesh Adalja?

Dr. Adalja is a Senior Researcher there at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, a Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Adjunct Assistant Professor, and a Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health Affiliate.

Emerging infectious illnesses, pandemic preparedness, and biosecurity are among his research interestDr. Adalja worked as a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association coronavirus advisory board, a consultant to different corporations, schools, and organizations, and an informal counselor to the International Monetary Fund during the COVID-19 epidemic. He has also testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee of the United States and the House Health Committee of Pennsylvania


Dr. Adalja has served on government panels in the United States tasked with developing treatment guidelines for plague, botulism, and anthrax in mass casualty settings, the care system for infectious disease emergencies, and a National Academies steering committee for diagnostic excellence. 

He also worked as an external advisor to the New York City Health + Hospitals Emergency Management Highly Infectious Disease training program and on a working group on nuclear catastrophe recovery for the US Federal Emergency Management Agency

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Notable quotes

  • “The decision to make #COVID19 LDTs go through FDA EUA was probably the original sin of the US response to the pandemic as it set the stage for abysmal testing.”
  • “The HR for hospitalization or death among Omicron cases compared with Delta cases was 0.41..while the HR for intensive care unit admission or death was 0.19 ..and the HR for death was 0.12 “
  • “It is critical to keep an experienced, full-time combatant commander for biosecurity at the White House to lead & prepare to battle our next biothreat, whether it results from natural or accidental spread or even intentional use.”
  • “With BWC matters, Russia seems to fabricate conspiracy theories (such as labs that the US provides funding for through CTR, which have included ones in Russia) about US non-compliance and at the same time try to undermine the authority of the BWC.”
  • “significantly higher average BMI (+0.6 percent) and obesity prevalence rates (+3 percent) among US adults”
  • “For some parents who share custody, the Covid vaccine has created a minefield of issues that initial divorce decrees could not have anticipated”
  • “Colleges need off-ramps for their unsustainable and unjustifiable “COVID Zero” policies that they apply to heavily vaccinated low-risk populations.”
  • “Taiwan has favored a less heavy-handed approach than neighboring China”
  • “Immunizing staff members have been harder”
  • “BA.2 is going up everywhere in terms of percentage of virus isolated yet this translates into many different scenarios in terms of rising in cases.”
  • “The agency said that most of the cases were likely to involve the Omicron subvariant known as BA.2, the most transmissible version of the virus yet identified”