Who is Dr. Elissa Epel?

Dr.Elissa Epel holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and psychobiology from Stanford University. She interned at the Palo Alto Veterans Healthcare System as a clinical intern. 

Epel has won several honors, including the APA Early Career Award, the Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research Neal Miller Young Investigator Award, and membership in the National Academy of Medicine. McLaughlin Group awarded her Innovator of the Year, and the Alliance for Aging Research honored her with the 2017 Silver Innovator Award


Her work has been featured on TEDMED, NBC’s Today Show, CBS’s Morning Show, 60 Minutes, National Public Radio, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Wisdom 2.0, Health 2.0, and several science films. She and Elizabeth Blackburn wrote, “The Telomere Effect” (2017), which became a New York Times Bestseller in the Science category. 

For five years, she was the director of a UCOP multicampus obesity center.

She is involved in NIH efforts to study the effects of stress on aging, the reversibility of early adversity, and the Science of Behavior Change.  She is the President of the Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research, co-chair of the Mind & Life Institute’s Steering Council, and co-chair of the UCSF Task Force on Climate Change and Mental Health. She is involved in climate-disaster responses and mobilization. 

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Notable quotes

  • “It is a perfect storm between changes in the environment, loss of social anchors, and increases in cognitive stress, and then on top of that, most of us are not getting the quality sleep that we used to.”
  • “We’ve lost all of the routines of a typical week, and that means having weekends as a boundary or as a separation or something to look forward to, now the weekend is the same as a weekday.”
  • “We all need more Climate Resilience”
  • “YES! We should never forget the biggest predictors of longevity, that are malleable!”
  • “Had a stressful week? Make time this weekend to prioritize rest and presence, in whatever way works for you.”
  • “Food Addiction: The science, the lived experience.  Not an easy path! “
  • “We need a sales ban on processed foods.”
  • “If you don’t pick a day to relax, your body will pick it for you.”
  • “Compassion and Wisdom together are our most powerful weapons”
  • “Understanding Social behavior Is critical to solving our global problems We can look back at Al Bandura’s theories to look forward — still the golden rules!”