Who is Kevin Rose?

Kevin Rose is a co-founder of Revision3, Digg, and Combat.  He was born on February 21, 1977. He was also a production assistant and screen saver on TechTV.  He was a venture partner at GV from 2012 until 2015.

Robert Kevin Rose was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 21, 1977. Rose, who has been a computer geek since he was able to type, began his career as a programmer at the age of eight, pounding away on the family’s Commodore 64 computer. In 2019, he is 42 years old.


Kevin is a True Ventures technology investor and the creator of several enterprises. He is now a member of the Hodinkee board of directors, as well as the Tony Hawk Foundation, and the Harlan Estate advisory boards. Kevin previously worked as a general partner at Google Ventures.

He broadcasts The Kevin Rose Show, a podcast in which he discusses how to achieve maximum personal and professional performance by living a minimal and balanced existence. There, he interviews writers, technologists, scientists, meditators, self-experimenters, and productivity hackers in order to gain ideas that might help you better your life.   

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