Who is Kyle Kingsbury?


Kyle Kingsbury is a former Arizona football player, a retired MMA pro hunter (UFC SIX years), the former Director of Human Optimization at Onnit, and the host of The Kyle Kingsbury Podcast

Kyle grew intrigued with nutrition, performance, and recuperation while fighting at the top level. Following his retirement from MMA, he concentrated his efforts on learning more about longevity, natural medicines, and inner tranquility. 


Kingsbury made his UFC debut against Tom Lawlor, a former The Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir castmate. On the preliminary card of The Ultimate Fighter 8 Finale, he was beaten by a unanimous decision. Despite the fact that Kingsbury did not win any fights on TUF and did not win his debut, the UFC elected to keep him on their roster.

Kyle faced Razak Al-Hassan in his second UFC fight at UFC 104. The battle was decided by the judges, who ruled in favor of Kyle, who won a split decision. On September 15, 2010, at UFC Fight Night 22, Kingsbury defeated Jared Hamman by unanimous decision in a fight that garnered Fight of the Night honors.

After a TKO, Kingsbury increased his UFC record to 3-1. On February 5, 2011, at UFC 126, Kingsbury improved his UFC record to 3-1 with a TKO victory against Ricardo Romero in 0:21 seconds of the first round. 

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Notable quotes

  • “New science same story- Keto works “
  • “Why do you think we are hooked? When I get crippled hands I know it’s working.”
  • “We all know that stress does nothing good for our bodies and minds, but what steps can we take each day to avoid unintended forms of stress.”
  • “Struggling, growing, committing, learning, parenting, healing, crying, smiling. All of it and everything in between. It’s been 3 years of marriage and nearly 7 years of being together.”
  • ““It’s not how smart you are, it’s how are you smart?””
  • “Podcasting is one of the most amazing things I get to do.”
  • “There’s medicine in the mountain! Had quite an experience at Cathedral Rock in Sedona. Hiked it on day 5 of a water-only fast. It was a powerful experience with many downloads.”
  • “Legs and core are the foundation of everything functional. Sprints, box jumps, tire flips, deadlifts. They are the pillars that you build on.”
  • “Fall in love with the process and pain. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable and everything becomes easy.”
  • “”You always have a choice… You have a choice when it comes to getting upset.”