Who is Layne Norton?

Layne Norton is one of the world’s most recognized and popular health and fitness gurus, with over 1 million followers across his social media networks. Layne is well-respected in the worldwide fitness industry for his distinctive and intelligent communication approach as a bodybuilder, raw top powerlifter, physique instructor, and general intellectual powerhouse.

In his more than a decade of experience as an instructor, he has taught thousands of professionals all over the world. His work has been published in a number of scientific journals, and he has contributed to a number of publications and multimedia places, such as  Joe Rogan Podcast and Bodybuilding.com.


Layne began to focus on other elements of his life as his professional bodybuilding and powerlifting years drew to an end. For example, business and internet marketing.He then started his social media sites to advertise his supplement line. Along with this, he began working as a part-time bodybuilding, physique, and figure coach, balancing his passion for fitness with business and day-to-day obligations. Layne is happy with the success he’s had since beginning his bodybuilding career, and he’s looking forward to even larger ambitions in the future.

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Notable quotes

  • “When I went to school I would fear every day because there were about a dozen people whose a mission in life seemed to be making me feel terrible about myself and embarrassing me.”
  • “I didn’t get really serious about it until I graduated from high school. I had played baseball all the way through high school and once that was over, I no longer had a competitive outlet.”
  • “Fauci now backpedaling like mad. “Lockdowns could have unintended consequences for health.”
  • “Ladies, STOP making these mistakes with weight training:” Fat burning workouts”, High reps to “tone”, Focusing on sweating, “Calorie burn” during training, Striving for soreness.”
  • “My favorite quotes from @JillianMichaels protein video: “I don’t want to get into a long biology lesson”. That is too bad because it would really help you to have a long biology lesson.”
  • “Over the last 50 years, self-proclaimed experts have told us: -Protein will kill you -Fat will kill you -Carbs will kill you -Now we even have people saying vegetables are bad for you -Water will be next. Oh wait, there’s dry fasting now -Breathing will be next.”
  • “I loved weight lifting and building muscle, so bodybuilding was the next logical step for me. I did my first show at age 19 and won the teen & novice tall classes, and was totally hooked from that point on!”
  • “When you are presented with a challenge the inner loser will tell you “Oh man that sounds hard and stressful, don’t bother with it but the inner winner says “Nothing great is easy and if you want to be remembered and not be another average person you have to do things that are difficult.” I always try to listen to my ‘inner winner.’
  • “My back totally changed after I started doing deadlifts and anyone can go back and compare the pics from before I won my pro card till my first series of pro shows this year and see the dramatic difference in size & density.”
  • “Because they want huge chest and arms to impress the girls. At least that was the reason for me.”