Who is Ronesh Sinha?


Ronesh Sinha, an internal medicine expert in Silicon Valley, examines high-risk South Asian patients and oversees corporate education and wellness initiatives. Dr. Ronesh Sinha, the author of The South Asian Health Solution, is an internist who specializes in insulin resistance and corporate wellness. His ground-breaking work in treating diabetes and insulin resistance in a variety of groups has been highlighted on the front covers of Fortune magazine and the Los Angeles Times.  


He has helped numerous South Asians get out of the high-risk, high body mass category and reverse illness risk factors without the use of drugs. He is a top-rated speaker for organizations such as Google, Oracle, Cisco, and others, and he is the Chief Medical Officer for Silicon Valley Employer Forum, where he helps create global health benefits for more than 55 major tech firms. He has been on several notable podcasts, including Peter Attia‘s The Drive and Mark Hyman’s Doctor’s Farmacy

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Notable quotes

  • “One excellent app I use regularly is Runtastic’s Squats Pro. This”
  • “Most of us are aware by now that Covid-19 risk goes up when you have diabetes.  However, this study suggests a bidirectional relationship where Covid-19 may actually cause diabetes (Type 1, 2, or some unique form).”
  • Can herbs and spices actually help you prevent and manage diabetes?  I used to be skeptical about this idea when I first started my practice but now have started seeing the true benefits over the years.
  • “Understanding NLRP3 will help you target your lifestyle changes to reduce Covid-19 and chronic disease risk and severity”
  • “Based on lots of questions and popular demand, I did a deep dive on how to really improve your breathing in an effort to boost immunity, aerobic performance, manage stress, and increase energy.”
  • “I’m actually starting to have gratitude for items on my shopping list like toilet paper which I’ve now put at the top!  ⁠⠀⠀⠀⠀⁠
  • What things have you taken for granted that you totally appreciate now?”
  • “We have spent a lot of time worrying and obsessing about external viral load measures and these should still be implemented, but it is the CYTOKINE load which determines whether we survive and thrive through Covid-19 or develop a severe, potentially fatal outcome.”
  • “Fascinating study done in rodents links paternal fitness with increased cognition in offspring due to beneficial physiological changes that occur with brain development.”
  • “Getting lots of questions about how to boost immunity against Coronavirus and the Flu.  I’ve mentioned some of these in prior posts but will summarize some of my favorites.  Out of all of these, I would put sleep way at the top of the list based on studies.”