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Odds are you just read Tim Ferriss’ post about abstaining from booze,, and masturbation for 30 days. You heard that when he gave them up he experienced:

– A dramatic surge in free testosterone and sex drive.

– Increased ability to focus and cognitive endurance.

– Got roughly 50-100% more done.

Unlike your decision to start running, NOBNOM is probably not be the kind of goal that you’ll be sharing on Facebook which is why you’ll need the support of a coach and our NOBNOM community on Lift. It’ll be the place you go each day to stay motivated, ask questions and get held accountable.

If you’re really serious about making it through the 30 Day NOBNOM Challenge, sign up for a Lift Accountability Coach.

Meet The Coaches

You’ll get 1-on-1 personalized support to make it through a month free of drinking and wanking, that’s right, we’ll help you resist the allure of! You can do it!


Billy StubblebineBilly Stubblebine

I’m a professional life coach focused on sex, relationships and helping people lead fully engaged lives.

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