10 Creative Ways to Walk 10,000+ Steps Every Day

An important part of embracing a healthy lifestyle is by being active and keeping your body moving throughout the day. And what easier way to accomplish this than by walking?

There’s been no research to suggest that 10,000 steps is the magical number, but research published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activityestablishes that healthy adults typically take between 4,000 and 18,000 steps/day and that 10,000 steps/day is reasonable number for healthy human adults.

So how can one go about making sure that they walk 10,000+ steps every day? This post discusses some unique and creative ways you can go about embracing this new habit into your life.

1. Walk a pet

Walking a pet is an effective way of getting some time off from your phone, spending some rare cherished moments with nature, and also spending time with pets, which is, as suggested by scientists over the years, an excellent way to boost your mood.

If you don’t own a pet, you can volunteer to be a pet sitter. This will not only help you get your daily step count in, it will also make an excellent source of extra income.

2. Take the stairs

This is a no-brainer but incredibly effective. Avoid elevators and always take the stairs, especially if you have to climb upstairs as this acts as an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise.

3. Take ‘active’ breaks

When you take a break in between work, don’t spend that sitting down and scrolling through your phone. Instead, you can walk around the room, go to the balcony and stare outside for a while, or simply stretch a bit and work your muscles.

You can also combine this with the Pomodoro technique to boost your productivity while making sure you aren’t compromising on your health.

4. Get a treadmill desk

Working while you’re walking might seem like a bit of a stretch. but it’s an excellent way to increase your daily step count while also making sure you have a lot f creativity juices flowing inside your body.

You can also watch this talk by our in-house expert Sarah Milstein

5. Park away from the office

No matter where you are headed, park your vehicle a few blocks away from your destination. If you use cab services, ask the cab to stop a few miles away from wherever you’re headed.

This way, you can get in a few steps and also use that time on the road to organize your thoughts and prepare yourself for whatever is coming next.

6. Walk after meals

Science has proven that taking a 15-minute walk after dinner can help you digest your food better. So, after every meal, simply put your walking shoes on and go on a short walk to sid your digestion and get some me-time to declutter your brain.

7. Walk while you talk

Never take a phone call sitting. Whenever you see your phone buzzing, grab it, get off your desk, and start walking as you have the conversation.

8. Go on walk-meetings

This might sound like a new concept, but when a friend comes to you saying they need to talk about something important, ask them if they would like to have the discussion as you walk.

This is an excellent way to add more steps to your daily count and also bond better with your friends over this shared activity you two commence together.

9. Get a habit tracker

If you’re trying to build this new habit of walking 10,000 steps or more every day, you can turn to technology for help if you ever feel you’re struggling or faltering. Simply download a habit tracker that lets you mark each day on the calendar when you successfully stuck to your new habit. Seeing an unbroken streak will serve as the biggest motivator and keep pushing you on this new journey.

10. Have an accountability partner

You can also hire an accountability coach to help keep you on track. These are trained professionals who will hold you accountable for your new habit of using the Pomodoro technique and help you get back on track if you ever fall off the wagon.

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