5 Best Online Accountability Coaching Programs in 2021

Accountability coaching is the new exciting branch in the field of personal coaching. If you’re trying to reach a goal, build a new habit, or break out of an old one, accountability coaches can help you set realistic goals, periodically review progress, and finally achieve your targets after overcoming whatever roadblocks you might encounter in your journey.

As mentioned in a previous article, An accountability coach is a trained professional who helps you set clear goals and stick to the timelines you have set for yourself. They will help you resolve any challenges you face on this journey and make sure you are in touch with why you are doing all this in the first place.

If you are looking to hire an accountability coach, you have come to the right place. This article is a collection of the five Accountability Coaching Programs you can find online.

1. Coach.Me

Coach.me has hundreds of coaches specialized in different habits. They are all trained professionals, ready to give personalized help, advice, and most importantly: accountability. Here is the link to find a suitable coach within minutes: The Coach.me Coaching Directory

Based on your requirement, you can choose text-only coaching, or you can also opt for coaching over voice and video calls. The frequency of these accountability sessions can vary depending on the coach and client. Coach.Me offers a very flexible program and you can tailor it any way to suit your needs.

The best part is that Coach.Me also offers a free 3-day trial, so you can test the accountability coaching services for yourself and see if that is what you currently need. This is the easiest way to assess your needs and whether they align with what they offer without spending money first.

2. Barking About Action

Barking About Action is an online accountability coaching program that boasts of weekly video calls with experts and an online coaching platform to share your activity, track your goals, and review habits.

They provide expert guidance and have an exclusive 12-Week framework at $129 per month where you can begin your journey to a more successful, productive, and motivated you. There are currently five specialized coaches on their platform. Before hiring a coach, you can hop in on a quick “scoping call” to see if your requirements align with what the coaches have to offer.

3. The Finishers Club

The Finishers Club is a 20-minutes-per-week accountability coaching program that promises to teach you how to get things done step by step and rediscover a healthy balance between life and work. Their tagline says Say Goodbye to Unfinished Projects.

They are priced at $450 for 3 months which includes weekly calls. There are currently three specialized coaches on their platform. Before signing up, you can book a free 30-minute 1-on-1 goal-setting session to get clear on your strategy with your coach.

4. Commit Action

Commit Action promises to help you eliminate overwhelm, destroy self-sabotage, lock in laser focus and help you get more done in a few days than most people do in a month.

At the core of their service is one simple idea: They help you install and maintain a CORNERSTONE Weekly Ritual that will become an Accelerator for everything else in your life.

The website doesn’t specify how many coaches are currently on the program. The pricing is $299 per month that promises 4 one-on-one weekly accountability calls plus check-in emails and/or SMS.

5. Holding Your Feet to the Fire

Holding Your Feet to the Fire by Nigel Cook comes with the tagline, “Ready to make massive progress on your goals? Get step-by-step support with online accountability coaching.”

As their website claims, here’s Nigel Cook promises to offer as an online accountability coach:

  • Stay organized and productive
  • Become more focused and disciplined
  • Build success habits that stick
  • Plan and take action on your most important tasks
  • Overcome challenges and setbacks
  • Feel motivated and focused
  • Grow your business and hit your revenue goals
  • Follow through on your commitments and projects

Holding Your Feet to the Fire offers a free 30-minute clarity call to help you decide whether these are the kind of services that align with your needs before actually paying money to buy yourself an accountability coaching program.