How to Build a Habit of Weighing Yourself Daily

When you start working out and tracking your diet, it becomes second nature of weighing yourself daily. This is a great habit that can give you an honest look at how far you’ve come on your fitness journey and what’s still left to achieve. Studies have found that people who adopt this habit and weigh in daily tend to lose more weight compared to those who check their weight less often. 

If nothing else, weighing in daily will push you to stick to your fitness goals. Every small change will act like a motivator and help you get back on track if you ever fall off the wagon. It might actually motivate you to consume less calories and hit the gym more often.

This post discusses practical ways you can adopt in your life right now to build a habit of checking your weight daily:

  1. Keep the weighing scales in your gym so you can check them daily after working out.
  2. Tie this habit to a trigger. Every time you perform the trigger activity, you’ll remember to check your weight as well.
  3. Set an alarm on your phone for a specific time every day.
  4. Find a way to reward yourself each time to weigh in, so this craving for the reward can also become a cue for you to check your weight.
  5. Get a habit tracker and mark each day on the calendar when you manage to stick to this new habit of yours.
  6. Find an accountability partner — someone to check on you every day whether or not you have accomplished your goal.
  7. If you can’t find a friend or colleague to hold you accountable, you can hire an accountability coach. These are trained professionals who will help you stick to your goal and support you on your journey.