What Is Habit Coaching and How Can It Change My Life

According to Stephen Covey- A habit is the intersection of knowledge, skill, and desire; whether you developed a good habit or a bad one, it would become the character that ultimately becomes you. 

A habit is repeated behavior that is learned rather than acquired. It requires little or no thought to develop a habit, and it can be part of any activity you do regularly. And that habit becomes your character and, ultimately, your destiny. That’s why Aristotle said that “We are what we repeatedly do.”

You can develop habits in either conscious or unconscious behavior, and the habits you form can either be good or bad. Good habits are those behaviors that are beneficial to your well-being, and it is often linked to discipline and self-control.

Likewise, bad habits are negative behavioral patterns that may be willful or a result of an unconscious act. Thus, it would be best if you recognized them before they became your character. 

Breaking Bad Habits through Habit Coaching 

You can keep bad habits, like fidgeting, but needless to say, most bad habits are detrimental and should be changed, eliminated, and replaced. Ditching a bad habit may be a challenge because the process of breaking it does the same practice when you develop it. 

Also, breaking and replacing a bad habit takes double effort because you have yet to create a good routine after breaking the bad one. Thus it needs double work to ditch the bad and develop the good. That’s why you need a habit coaching program to help you break a bad habit for good. 

Habit coaching enables you to transform and do things differently, not just for fitness and nutrition but for your overall lifestyle. It would create a true and lasting positive transformation that supports your well-being.

Habit coaching allows you to stay connected and motivated by having a habit coach be part of your routine. The coach will set you up and guide you to achieve bigger goals and improve your life through small daily steps and conscious wins.

When to See A Habit Coach 

Your conscious decision to start a habit change is already a win towards making a good life. But when you decide otherwise, you might need to work with a habit coach, especially if you encounter these unpopular perspectives:

  1. You are tired of relying on your motivation to get things done.
  2. You need to see a coach if you are tired of starting anew because of a recurring failure.
  3. When you doubt yourself to accomplish things, you need a habit coach to help you find clarity.
  4. It would help if you had a coach when you become unaccountable, unmotivated, and tend to give up easily.
  5. If you are likely to get stressed easily – wanting to change a habit could sometimes be a struggle and stressful, thus making you get discouraged and give up so easily. So if you are overwhelmed with this condition, you must get a habit coach to help you change your habit. 

The Benefits of Habit Coaching 

As you break an unwanted habit through habit coaching, you would realize bundles of benefits that would surely change your life for good. And these are some of the benefits that you will enjoy.

  1. Habit coaching provides you the proper skills, strategies, and support needed to develop a habit.
  2. Helps build your confidence to pursue your goal and make changes with your routines.
  3. You will get valuable experience because you work with exceptional habit coaches.
  4. It helps you see your blind spots – when you are into habit coaching, you will be guided to discover and uncover your potentials that you might not know you have or you avoided. 
  5. It helps you practice mindfulness – you will be aware of your feelings, actions, and thoughts that directly relate to your habit, thus making you conscious to avoid or act on it.