5 Most Popular FREE Habit Tracking Apps in the Apple App Store

If you are trying to build a new habit or get rid of an old one, tracking your progress on the calendar can be a huge motivating factor on your journey. If you mark the days on the calendar where you managed to successfully stick to your new habit, you’ll soon see a streak. The longer you build the streak, the harder it will become for you to break it.

That’s where habit tracker apps come in. They serve as an incredible self-accountability check and can help you boost your motivation to stick to your new habit.

This post contains a list of the five most popular FREE habit tracking apps on the Apple App Store. Do you spot any favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

1. Coach.Me

As the description reads, Coach.me will completely change your life! 

Start with our world-class goal and habit tracking. Our free tracking tools will change your life. If you get stuck in your goals, get motivated by our community or hire one of our world-class coaches.

Every aspect of our app and community is focused on helping you achieve mastery. From day one, we show you your progress, celebrate your milestones, and answer your questions. Honestly, we should be charging you $500 just to be a member, but 90% of our tools are completely free to you.

Every aspect of our experience has been designed based on the latest research on psychology and behavior design. We are huge fans of Carol Dweck, Daniel Kahneman and BJ Fogg. If you join our community you will develop a growth mindset, learn the power of positive reinforcement, experience the motivational force of external accountability, and harness your improvement efforts in an efficient way according to the tenants of deliberate practice.

Some positive reviews

  • “Wish I would have met my coach Will years ago! I am literally 3 times more effective and productive than I used to be.” ~ Dan 
  • “Before my coach Josh, the idea of bounding out of bed early in the morning was a dream and something I had tried and failed at for years. Josh broke it down into very simple steps. I am now sleeping better, getting up early consistently and the biggest breakthrough is getting up is now easy.” ~Jess
  • “Without being able to press that ‘Send Message’ button to my coach every day, I am certain I would not have come as far with my writing. With that momentum, I managed to write 500 words nearly every day, started a blog, and am still going. It’s been only 3 months, and I feel like a new person.” ~ Alina

Install the app here.

2. Productive — Habit Tracker

As the description on the App Store reads, “Productive is a free and easy-to-use tool that helps you build a routine of positive, life changing habits. Set personal goals, track your progress, and motivate yourself to achieve new heights!

What can you do with the Productive app?

– Plan your habits with an easy-to-use interface

– Schedule habits for any time of the day

– Set smart reminders for each time of the day

– Stay on track with useful feedback

Why should you download the Productive app?

SIMPLICITY: The clear and beautiful interface is intuitive and easy to use and will help you stay focused and determined to build new habits and reach new goals.

PERSONAL AND REAL-TIME CHALLENGES: Improve your daily routine by completing guided tasks or competing with other users from all over the world.

STATISTICS: Track your habits and analyze progress — build motivating chains of completed habits and perfect days. The longer your chain of completed habits, the more likely you will keep the streak going.”

Some positive reviews

  • “This app is great for building daily habits, the concept is the gamification of habits. The scheduling works the way I want and it is intuitive.”~ Juan Leonard
  • “Productive is really well made, it’s intuitive and very low friction. Does what it does and does so brilliantly. Kudos to the team, it is certainly helping change my life, habit by habit.” ~ Vishesh
  • “I always want to build good habits but struggled to organize myself in a way which helps me to sustain the habits and achieve my personal and professional goals. This app helped me to not only go build good habit but also stay on track consistently.” ~ Deepak

Install the app here.

3. Strides: Goal & Habit Tracker

As their description on the app store says, “Track all your Goals & Habits in one flexible app. With Strides you can track anything — good or bad habits and SMART goals — with reminders to hold you accountable and charts to keep you motivated.

Recommended in The New York Times, Strides has been called “the most comprehensive, user-friendly, beautifully designed goal tracking app available.”

Imagine having all of your most important habits, routines, and goals together in one simple to-do list. Now you can. 🙂

Track anything you want with four types:

  1. Track good or bad Habits with a streak calendar.
  2. Reach your Target goal value by a specific date.
  3. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or rolling Average.
  4. Complete a Project on time with milestones.”

Some positive reviews

  • “I’ve used almost every habit tracking app, but this one seems too versatile in terms of tracking data.” ~ Vinod.
  • “It is the only app which allows you to add 7 habits which is the most in any of the free apps and everything works great and it can really improve your life if used right. Kudos to the developers.” ~ Chja
  • “The features of this app are perfectly fitted to everyone’s needs and the Variety of things you can monitor using this is what makes it stand out.” ~ Bharath.

Install the app here.

4. Habit — Daily Tracker

As their app store description says, “Daily Habit Tracker is a stylish goal-tracking app that nudges you to ensure you hit your targets.

Tick off your task every time you do it, and Habit will give you a percentage success rate. The more you use it and the more disciplined you are the higher your success rate and the better your progress report. You can also view this data at a glance on a graph. The app is completely free to use!

Why more than 900,000 users choose Daily Habit Tracker?

  1. You don’t need to pay a penny to start building great habits.
  2. Ad-free. We hate ads & don’t want to bother our users
  3. Stats & Graphs. Track a clear overview of your progress.
  4. Reminders. Receive a friendly notification on time.
  5. Motivate yourself. Add motivation quotes to your habits.”

Some positive reviews

  • “This is the only habit tracker app out there that I find useful because of its simple and intuitive interface.” ~ Nag
  • “The simplistic and extremely user-friendly interface of the app makes it very versatile and simple to use. Would highly recommend it.” ~ Vartika
  • “It’s one of the best habit tracking apps out there. Well thought out features like timely reminders and custom motivations help a lot when building a habit.” ~ Sarveshwar

Install the app here.

5. Simple Habit Tracker

As their app store description claims, “Simple Habit Tracker helps you to build good habits routine and change your life!

New Year Resolution is the perfect opportunity to plan and build positive life-changing habits and Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever!”

Some positive reviews

  • “I have tried almost 12+ habit trackers. This is the only free app which gives you a way to track more than 3 habits a day.” ~ Gopi
  • “I’ve tried so many habit trackers and this is the only one that’s free. For people who haven’t tried it please try it now I finally am following the habits I once wanted to.” ~ Blitz
  • “I have used dozens of habit tracking apps before but this one beats most of them with its simple and elegant design.” ~ Pramod

Install the app here.