5 Steps to Stop And Enjoy Life Every Single Day

If you ask every older person what they wish they knew when they were younger, they will inevitable say they could stop worrying and enjoy life. Not taking a pause now to enjoy life as it happens might be one of your biggest regrets when you grow old.

Even though you know it’s important to stop whatever you are doing and enjoy life, it might be difficult for you, at least in the first few days, because you are so used to the hustle culture of today that has convinced you that working all the time is important. You might even be worried that stopping now will make you regret it later.

Whatever your excuse of not living in the moment might be, this article will help you get rid of it. It discusses some creative and interesting tips you can apply right now to adopt the habit of stopping and enjoying life every single day.

1. Introduce some space

We are always so determined to get the most out of every living moment, that we forget that some space is important. We jumble up our tasks, wishes, aspirations, and items from our to-do list so much, that there is little room to breathe, let alone live.

To prevent this from happening, learn the subtle art of not doing anything and just be. You don’t have to be productive every waking moment. You can have blank spaces on your to-do list that allow you to take a moment to yourself for self-reflection. Moments like these will help you stop and be mindful of the present, so you are living, not merely existing.

2. Put things in perspective 

When you look back upon the past, do you really feel happy that you worked so hard and got so much done? Or is it the calmer moments you miss, the mellower moments where you were laughing, living in the present, and sharing it with the people who matter?

No one remembers the hustle. Sure, it is important to have a bright future, but is it important enough to sacrifice your present for it? Is it really necessary to work all the time and not pause for even a single moment?

When you put things in perspective and really reflect on what is important to you, you will get a lot of clarity. You will understand the importance of not working all the time and the need to enjoy life.

3. Engage with people

Don’t fight all your battles alone. Stay in touch with your friends and take part in group activities. The social interactions will enrich your mind and present new experiences to you that you can cherish and reminisce later.

4. Relax for a while

Take an off day. Meditate. Engage in self-care. Do some relaxing exercises. Take a shower. Engage in any activity that helps you relax and be mindful of the present.

This is a personal choice and the answer to this might be different for different people. Until you find a habit or a hobby that relaxes you, keep looking for it and you will find it one day.

5. Use technology

It might sound ironic that you are using technology to stay in the present and enjoy life. But it can be a powerful tool in your arsenal that helps you pause for a bit and really enjoy the present.

You can turn to technology and download a free habit tracker. This is a great way to mark your progress on the calendar and use it to motivate yourself to keep pushing on.

Having someone else do it with you can make building any new habit easier. If you can’t find a friend who’s also learning to be present and enjoy life every day at the same time as you are, you can hire an accountability coach to help keep you on track. These are trained individuals who will hold you accountable and help you get back on track if you ever fall off the wagon.