6 Ways to Eat Fruit Every Day

So many of us have grown up hearing the phrase “Eat more fruits and vegetables.” We know it’s healthy for us, but we barely manage to stick to our body’s daily requirement for fruit. According to a recent survey, only about one in 10 adults in the United States eats the amount recommended by the current federal dietary guidelines.

A common excuse is lack of time. We tend to get lost in the bustle of everyday life and start complaining that we never have enough time to eat fruits. If you are someone who feels the same, this article is the perfect fit for you. It discusses some easy steps you can apply to your life right away so you can start eating more fruits and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

1. Build a plan

Before you dive right into your new habit of eating fruit every day, build a plan for the week ahead. When you go grocery shopping the next time, buy several different varieties of fruits and plan which fruit you are going to eat when. 

You can even print the chart out and paste it to your refrigerator. This will help you have a concrete vision of exactly what you need to consume and will make sticking to your goal easier.

2. Keep track

When you have your plan for the week printed and stuck in a place you can see it daily, mark each day you successfully managed to stick to it off the calendar.

You can also get a habit tracker and mark each day on the calendar where you successfully stuck to your new goal of eating fruit daily. Gamifying your habits can be a helpful way to get the most of this challenge and adopting a healthier lifestyle.

3. Try frozen

If the reason why you never get to have enough fruit is that you don’t find enough fruit in your local grocery store, you can try frozen. Nutrition-wise, frozen fruits have the same health benefits as fresh fruits. They are picked at the peak season and then frozen, so all of their goodness is preserved.

This can also be a great way of reducing spoilage as fresh fruits tend to go bad if you forget to eat them on time. But frozen fruits don’t have that same issue. You can keep a few cans of frozen fruit in your home and eat them as and when you wish without worrying they might go bad if you neglect them for long.

4. Explore the seasonal varieties  

Frozen fruit might not offer much variety. But if you stick to fresh fruits, every season brings with it a brand new fruit, which in turn implies a brand new flavor you can savor and enjoy.

You can make it a weekly habit of visiting a local farmer’s market, picking the fruits of your choice, and then loading your refrigerator with them. You can then fit these new and interesting varieties of local produce into your weekly plan and enjoy your way to good health.

5. Make it tastier by exploring different options

You can cut up all your fruits into small chunks and prepare a fruit salad you can consume every day. To spice it up and add that extra zing of flavor, you can also add the following additives to make your fruit salad even tastier:

  • olives or sesame oil
  • nuts and dried fruits: chopped or toasted 
  • Any variety of cheese, but parmesan or feta cheese taste the best
  • fresh herbs: minced or diced
  • dried herb and a tasty spice blend.

6. Get an accountability partner

Get help from people who have experience dealing with your new goal of eating fruit every day and embracing a healthier lifestyle. You can hire an accountability coach who will share helpful tips and tricks and also hold you accountable for your promise of eating more fruit. They can act as your cheerleaders and help you get back on track if you ever fall off the wagon for some reason.

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